Wires to raise skin tissues

Cheekbones that sag, eyebrows darkening a sparkling look, jowls that bring an aged look ...

Tensor wires allow tissue and facial volumes to be repositioned without scalpel or scar in a non-traumatic manner so that this aesthetic technique can be described as a "lifting without surgery".

The particularity of the new generation of wires manufactured by one of the leaders (Croma Pharma) is to associate a double action :

  • A mechanical skin tissue tensioning action
  • A regenerating inducing action thanks to a stimulation of the natural production of collagen.

They are made of a material present in surgery for many years, totally resorbable and biocompatible, on which have been arranged small cones also absorbable.

The use is totally safe, and in addition this technique brings excellent results on cheekbones, nasolabial furrows, jowls, mandibular line, bitterness folds, oval face, eyebrow and neck.

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