Peeling remains the flagship technique to rejuvenate the skin

Compared to physical or mechanical exfoliation, the chemical peel remains more efficient, economical compared to the results obtained, safe, as controlled by the practitioner. The peeling is personalized, and each pathology corresponds to a compound, a just mixture, a precise dosage ...

Depending on the indication, I choose the method of application and the percentage of acid (usually TCA) equivalent to an average peel.

The goal is to bring about a renewal of the epidermis as a whole. As for the dermis, it is highly stimulated and it will strengthen its collagen-elastic tissue: it is a true regeneration.

When applied it tingles a little, small crusts appear and the skin sheds for eight to ten days, but a month later, a new skin is made: fine lines, stains, scars and dark circles are attenuated.

To avoid a pigmented rebound, home treatment is to be continued for several days. It is also very important to apply a total screen. Thus, medium peels are be proposed in level 2 heliodermies.

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