Are you a victim of micro-inflammation?

Not as much well-known as inflammation, micro-inflammation can be the cause of many disorders.

Before fighting this affection, we must know what it is, and what distinguishes it from inflammation, which is more familiar. The latter is the body's response to aggression. Symptoms include redness, swelling, heat and pain. Using anti-inflammatories, everything comes back in order in a few days.

This is not the case with micro-inflammations, their functioning is identical, yet they have no symptoms and their signal is very weak. What causes them is difficult to identify, since it is both tobacco, stress, lack of sleep, pollution, oxidation, bad eating habits. And all these evils exhaust our physical and psychic defenses.

Numerous methods for preventing and controlling micro-inflammations exist: meditation for stress, sports to increase physical and psychological resistance, changes in lifestyle and changes in diet. As a result, an improvement of his well-being and prevention of illness.

Several studies link inflammatory disease and diet as an aggravating factor, such as foods based on refined sugars, saturated fat, salt.

I recommend that you prefer a balanced diet with little acidity (low in red meat and dairy products, rich in fruits and seasonal vegetables, less than 110 degrees of cooking). Ideally, alcohol and tobacco should be removed!

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