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Wires to raise skin tissues

Cheekbones that sag, eyebrows darkening a sparkling look, jowls that bring an aged look ...

Tensor wires allow tissue and facial volumes to be repositioned without scalpel or scar in a non-traumatic manner so that this aesthetic technique can be described as a "lifting without surgery".

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Peeling remains the flagship technique to rejuvenate the skin

Compared to physical or mechanical exfoliation, the chemical peel remains more efficient, economical compared to the results obtained, safe, as controlled by the practitioner. The peeling is personalized, and each pathology corresponds to a compound, a just mixture, a precise dosage ...

Depending on the indication, I choose the method of application and the percentage of acid (usually TCA) equivalent to an average peel.

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Are you a victim of micro-inflammation?

Not as much well-known as inflammation, micro-inflammation can be the cause of many disorders.

Before fighting this affection, we must know what it is, and what distinguishes it from inflammation, which is more familiar. The latter is the body's response to aggression. Symptoms include redness, swelling, heat and pain. Using anti-inflammatories, everything comes back in order in a few days.

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Silhouette Soft tensor wires

Silhouette Soft tensor wires are used to readjust volumes et redraw facial lines. They also offer a way of instantly and durably benefiting from a lifting tensor wire effect.


Tensor wires by Dr. Peyronnet

The new resorbable tensor wires postpone liftings. An alternative to facial rejuvenation surgery, for each and every type of skin. Presented by Dr. Bernard Peyronnet.


Les fils tenseurs pour raffermir les bras

Dr. Bernard PEYRONNET, cosmetic dermatologist, in the TV program "C'est au programme" (June 06th 2016) talks about the use of tensor wires in the streghtening of arms. A filmed intervention in his practice followed by the testimony of a patient.

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